Featured Artist of the Month with Stage IV by Ebony Iman Dallas

Ebony Iman Dallas was named the October 2018 Artist of the Month by Stage IV organization in San Francisco, CA. Stage IV is “a global network of leaders who champion for creative arts therapy, integrative medicine, patient advocacy, and healthcare innovation. Inspired by founder Amy Li’s Stage IV cancer journey and the pursuit of super happiness.”

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Waano & Words: Ebony Iman Dallas - Discovering My Somali Heritage by Ebony Iman Dallas

In this episode of Waano & Words, we sit down with Ebony Iman Dallas to explore her journey of discovering her Somali family, her Somali heritage. Its an amazing story of perseverance, patients and eagerness to find her Somali family which she never knew. She shares some Words with us about the experience and offers Waano (advice) on exploring who our parents are/were and how this is relevant to us today.