Ebony Iman Dallas is an artist, writer, educator, and founder of Afrikanation Artists Organization (AAO).

Ebony received her BA Advertising and Arts degree from the University of Central Oklahoma, then went on to work at Carol H. Williams Advertising in Oakland, California as an art director.

She earned her MFA Design degree from California College of the Arts in San Francisco, CA. Her thesis titled "Painted Bridges" explored ways to unify diverse populations within the African diaspora through art and design for community activism. As a result, Afrikanation Artists Organization was founded as a non-profit, NGO based Hargeisa, Somaliland and a 501(c)3 in the United States.

Her artwork was included in Food Network’s "Restaurant Impossible" renovation of Urban Roots and she was a featured artist in the Romare Bearden Centennial Celebration in New York. She is a proud graduate of Leadership Arts and ArtistINC.

She previously worked as a Creative Designer at The Oklahoman Media Company and adjunct professor in Clara Luper Department of African and African American Studies at The University of Oklahoma.

artist manifesto

Art has the power to change the world through the spread of love or hate.
I choose love.

Art is a language that informs, inspires and unifies across tongue, culture, gender, socioeconomic background, political leaning and ethnicity.

Art encourages hope and dreams beyond current conditions.

Art heals deep wounds and can alleviate depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Imperfection is beauty.

Artists deserve fair trade value for their work. We eat, love, and have families too.

Everyone deserves access to an arts education, art supplies, and opportunities to share their work.

Representation matters. Art is a vehicle to share alternative stories from alternative perspectives.

Art is the pulse of a culture and we artists are historians—descendants of ancient cave painters.

I paint to inspire hope.

2-min documentary by Jordan Martin - IG: @thehumanlens