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"Through Abahay's Eyes" Exhibition Opening at Joyce Gordon Gallery

Joyce Gordon Gallery, 406 14th St., Oakland, CA 94612

Curated by Linda Steele II

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Please join us Friday, June 7 for the opening of “Through Abahay’s Eyes” (Through My Father’s Eyes) -
Ebony Iman Dallas’s father was warned not to come to the United States, however, he arrived from Somaliland in pursuit of his education. When her mother was three months pregnant, her father was killed by police officers, according to witnesses, and within a few years, all contact with his family was lost.
Her biological father’s suspicious death and a long, bloody civil war prevented her from knowing him, her cultural heritage and family. That all changed months after her move from Oklahoma to Oakland when she unexpectedly met Hakim — a man who knew her family was searching for her too. “Through Abahay’s Eyes” is a painting series that highlights this journey and is over a decade in the making. Over the years, she has worked to process the tragedies of war, police brutality, and her search to find out who her father was through art.
Dallas uses rich, fiery hues and whimsical forms to bring the energy and spirit of her subjects to life. With a focus on authenticity and progress, her work takes form organically with each line determining the shape and direction of the next.

On Friday, June 7th, 2019 “Through Abahay’s Eyes” (Through My Father's Eyes) solo exhibition will open at Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland, CA. This body of work combines original paintings with related excerpts from her upcoming memoir.
Thank you. We hope to see you there.