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Tapestry 2018

Tapestry: a celebration of culture and diversity. It will feature music, art, dance, poetry, photography, spoken word, graffiti and videography. Each Artist's work will be a reflection of "our life as a tapestry,” every thread unique, vibrant and vitally needed.
Featured Artists at Tapestry will be: Ronna Pernell, Angie Lapaglia, Rickey Vick, Christopher Acoff "Original Flow", Skip Hill, Todd E Clark, Gay Pasley, Sandy Oliver, Changing Frequencies, Larissa Carter, Laura Stringer, Valerie Rollins, Nathan Lee, Allen Peters, John Selvidge, Tony Wayne Harms, Anthony Crawford "ProVerb", Marie Casimir, Ebony Iman Dallas, Tony Lesure "LTZ", Jack Fowler, Grace Franklin, Betty Refour, Dawn Jaiye, Shiann Davis, Richard RoweDuo Fiori, PJ Tolar, Lawrence Naff, Tiffani Sanders

Tickets may be purchased here.