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Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition 12 x 12 Annual Fundraiser

“Present of Presence” 2019 by Ebony Iman Dallas

“Present of Presence” 2019 by Ebony Iman Dallas

Stop by Friday, Sept. 20 and place a bid on one+ of a hundred pieces featured in OVAC’s 12 x 12 Exhibition and Fundraiser. My piece, “Present of Presence” will be available! Please join us! ~Ebony

Join us for this year’s 
12×12 Art Fundraiser benefitting the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition on September 20, 2019 at 50 Penn Place, 1900 NW Expressway, OKC!

Sponsor Preview Hour: 6:00 pm
Opens to the public: 7:00 pm
Bids close: 9:30 pm

The 12×12 fuses 175 of Oklahoma’s finest artists with local restaurants and live music to create a memorable one-night-only event.

For 12×12, each artist must create a work that conforms to the dimensions of twelve-by-twelve inches. The artwork is sold in a surprising silent and blind auction, meaning bidders will not know what others have bid. Bids for each piece begin at $175. Collectors who fear losing a piece of art in the auction may “Buy It Now” to trump the auction. Attendees may also purchase $5 chances to win prize packages

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"Through Abahay's Eyes" Exhibition Opening at Joyce Gordon Gallery

Joyce Gordon Gallery, 406 14th St., Oakland, CA 94612

Curated by Linda Steele II

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 3.43.49 AM.png

Please join us Friday, June 7 for the opening of “Through Abahay’s Eyes” (Through My Father’s Eyes) -
Ebony Iman Dallas’s father was warned not to come to the United States, however, he arrived from Somaliland in pursuit of his education. When her mother was three months pregnant, her father was killed by police officers, according to witnesses, and within a few years, all contact with his family was lost.
Her biological father’s suspicious death and a long, bloody civil war prevented her from knowing him, her cultural heritage and family. That all changed months after her move from Oklahoma to Oakland when she unexpectedly met Hakim — a man who knew her family was searching for her too. “Through Abahay’s Eyes” is a painting series that highlights this journey and is over a decade in the making. Over the years, she has worked to process the tragedies of war, police brutality, and her search to find out who her father was through art.
Dallas uses rich, fiery hues and whimsical forms to bring the energy and spirit of her subjects to life. With a focus on authenticity and progress, her work takes form organically with each line determining the shape and direction of the next.

On Friday, June 7th, 2019 “Through Abahay’s Eyes” (Through My Father's Eyes) solo exhibition will open at Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland, CA. This body of work combines original paintings with related excerpts from her upcoming memoir.
Thank you. We hope to see you there.

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In the LIGHT BULB ROOM: The Visual Artist and Ethnicity

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We’re excited to conduct the next installment of our “In the Light Bulb Room” series of open conversational forums in response to artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh‘s powerful exhibition "Oklahoma is Black," visible at Oklahoma Contemporary through May 26.

With her exhibition, Brooklyn-based artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh stages a poignant and provocative reclamation of the state on behalf of the African-American community of Oklahoma City’s northeast side in which she grew up. An internationally recognized artist whose work seeks to give voice to often marginalized groups like people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community, Fazlalizadeh stands as an exemplary figure for the artist-as-activist.

As such, she bears comparison to another Oklahoma native who demanded, via his novel Invisible Man and in other works, that people rendered invisible by society’s refusal to see them be recognized and their experiences respected. In many ways, however, Ralph Ellison and Fazlalizadeh differ in their creative outlooks, approaches, and strategies in addressing issues of racial justice in America.

With the help of our panelists—all of them visual artists working in Oklahoma—this Light Bulb Room session will examine questions about ethnic identity and artistic expression relating to inspiration, technique, individuality, and politics. Along the way, we will engage with both Fazlalizadeh and Ellison’s work as we explore a variety of ways to contribute to artistic conversations about ethnicity.

This session's panelists will include artists Ebony Iman Dallas, Lawrence Naff, and Narciso Argüelles. Our conversation will take place in the theater at Oklahoma Contemporary and begin at 6:30 PM, but we've scheduled time beforehand and afterwards to allow newcomers to the Contemporary to experience "Oklahoma is Black." An excerpt from Ralph Ellison’s essay “The Art of Romare Bearden” and some questions that will help guide our discussion are available on the Ellison Foundation's website (listed below) and at the Oklahoma Contemporary’s visitor’s desk for those who would like to read in advance.

First launched in 2015, “In the Light Bulb Room” is the Ralph Ellison Foundation’s series of public and open discussion forums that focuses on race and social issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. You can find out more about it at

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to Jan 19

The Soul Factor Live at Tower Theatre

"The Soul Factor Live" is an experience hosted by Musicman Roy Henderson and Nikki Nice which features the best in Oklahoma City's Dj's, neo soul artists, hip hop artists, food vendors, clothing brands, and contemporary artists. On the January 18th the experience we will feature: Koolie High and The Wise Men, Sid Carter and High Sobriety, Jabee, Dj Genius, Dj Eddie Brasco, Dj KO, Dj D. Chappell, artwork by Ebony Iman Dallas, The Beard Gang Apparel, with the following food vendors curated by OKC Black Eats: .

• Heart N Soul
• Sister & Cookies
• Chef Prince Mason
• Red Violet Delights
• Mero Restaurant Group
• Ice Event Center & Grill
• Chef Paul's Place

Tickets will be available at Tower Theatre and the Ice Event Center. Admission is $10 GA and $15 for Admission with the food sampling experience.

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to Oct 29

The Design of Protest

We have all seen protest signs cobbled together with a spare box and a marker, but then there are the signs that really grab our attention. Posters that strike with precision. Billboards that stop you in your tracks. These are the designs that get voices heard.

“Women Bite Back, and VOTE!”

“Women Bite Back, and VOTE!”

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Tapestry 2018

Tapestry: a celebration of culture and diversity. It will feature music, art, dance, poetry, photography, spoken word, graffiti and videography. Each Artist's work will be a reflection of "our life as a tapestry,” every thread unique, vibrant and vitally needed.
Featured Artists at Tapestry will be: Ronna Pernell, Angie Lapaglia, Rickey Vick, Christopher Acoff "Original Flow", Skip Hill, Todd E Clark, Gay Pasley, Sandy Oliver, Changing Frequencies, Larissa Carter, Laura Stringer, Valerie Rollins, Nathan Lee, Allen Peters, John Selvidge, Tony Wayne Harms, Anthony Crawford "ProVerb", Marie Casimir, Ebony Iman Dallas, Tony Lesure "LTZ", Jack Fowler, Grace Franklin, Betty Refour, Dawn Jaiye, Shiann Davis, Richard RoweDuo Fiori, PJ Tolar, Lawrence Naff, Tiffani Sanders

Tickets may be purchased here.

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to Apr 28

Through Abahay's Eyes

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Ebony Iman Dallas spent her first 23 years of life separated from family on her late father’s side. Her father was born in Hargeisa, Somalia while her mother and adoptive father are from Oklahoma. Her biological father’s untimely death and a long, bloody civil war prevented her from knowing him, her cultural heritage and family. But that all changed when Ebony unexpectedly met someone in San Francisco who knew that they were searching for her too. 

“Through Abahay’s Eyes” is a painting series that highlights this journey and is over a decade in the making. 

Ebony’s path to discovery has spanned across 7 countries and many cultures. Over the years, she has worked to process the tragedy of war, police brutality and her search to find out who her father was through art. 

This series of paintings share cultural similarities and differences discovered between Oklahoma and Somalia, stories revealed along the way and the internal dilemma of finding her place within it all. 

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